Standard Tuning

Standard tuning services include tuning, interior cleaning, and minor mechanical repairs and maintenance.

One Piano $135
Two or More Pianos $115 each

PLEASE NOTE that additional charges may apply if the minor repairs completed during a standard tuning require parts replacement or other materials.

Pitch Raise

Pianos that have not been properly tuned for five years or longer will most likely require a pitch raise to bring it back into tune. This service often requires two service visits; pricing shown below covers the cost of both visits.

Visit the FAQs page for more information about pitch raises.

Each Piano $200


Does your piano need a little "TLC"? Greene's Piano Service can help, with quality piano maintenance and repair services like:

String Replacement $50 each
Action Reconditioning
(action regulation & small parts replacement)
+ materials

Other repair services are available as well; please call for a free consultation and quote!


Thinking of buying a piano? I can assess the instrument's quality and value for you - before you buy.

Appraisal Service Call $55

Contact me today for more information or to schedule an appointment!